Medical Products

Resolution Insurance has a wide range of product offerings with plans for in-patient and out-patient. Our products meet your requirements by providing unique cover options either for you as an individual or for your organization.


  • Surgical operations and procedures
  • Professional fees
  • Theatre fees
  • Anesthetics for Surgery
  • Assistants at Operations
  • Private room and Ward Accomodations
  • Maternity (Normal and Cesarean)
  • Intensive care and High care units
  • Visits and consultations by a GP and/or Specialist(while hospitalized)


  • X-rays and Pathology(while hospitalized)
  • Physiotheraphy
  • Ultrasound Scans (Other than for pregrancy)
  • MRI and CT scan (while hospitalized)
  • Blood transfusions
  • Internal prostheses
  • Medicine dispensed and used in Hospital
  • Medicine received on discharge from hospital 100% of cost (Maximum 14 days)
  • Emergency evacuation and Ambulance services


Premier Plus Plan Up to Tsh 180 Million
Premier Plan Up to Tsh 90 Million
Executive Plan Up to Tsh 45 Million
Superior Plann Up to Tsh 36 Million
Advantage Plan Up to Tsh 27 Million