Red carpet experience to our visitors

Our customers are king, and we expect their treatment to be not below the red carpet service. When attending to our visitors at the reception;

  1. Avoid the unpredictable front desk traic
    jam – Some days it feels like everyone seems to show up all at once, leaving a crowd of visitors milling around the reception. All visitors should be attended within 10 minutes.
  2.  Make all guests feel like VIPs – offer visitors a drink and make them feel comfortable.
  3. Keep the office and ideas safe – It’s important to know who’s welcome in the office, and more importantly, who’s not. You are all advised to wear your staff IDs, and the middle door should always be closed to avowing strangers coming inside our offices. All visitors must be accompanied by the staff when walking along the office
  4. Use of meeting rooms
    Resolution has one meeting room and one board room available. You are advised to use the meeting rooms properly. Meeting Rooms must be left clean with the furniture in its original setup before leaving the room. Meeting rooms are for meeting with the external oficial visitors only.
  5. Car parking
    Our car parking is located at the back of the building, the users of the parking are advised to be cooperative with each other and with the security guard. If you happen to block someone, kindly leave your car key or your phone number and ensure that you respond quickly needed to avoid wasting your colleague’s time.